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THE STRAIGHT SAGE SKIRT one skirt 3 outfit ideas

Skirts are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. 
They are practical, versatile and, because they are a lower body piece, can play a fun roll in you outfit without taking attention away from your face. 
I am very excited to share some ideas on how to make the best of this versatile piece of clothing.
I hope you enjoy these looks as much as I do.
Here are 3 accessorized looks for THE STRAIGHT SAGE SKIRT and a loose basic white top (which is tightened on the side with a hidden rubber band). 
LOOK #1 Tall brown boots + Light weight asymmetrical brown cardigan
LOOK #2 Sand booties + Denim jacket 
LOOK #3 Leopard loafers + Oversized black cardigan
Keep a watch out for more looks coming in the future.


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